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I would like to express my appreciation for your continued support and patronage.

The 18th business term (the fiscal year ended June 30, 2017) was an important juncture for the Company as the first fiscal year of the Mid-term Business Plan, "Road to 2020." One year ago, I explained how the plan was calling not for the continuation of our existing businesses, but rather for an aggressive acceleration of investment in new businesses. As I promised, the Company completed forward-looking investments in each segment in the 18th business term. I believe that investing properly has further expanded the world that the Company will hereafter open up, and I am personally excited about the future possibilities.

However, we have just started toward our targets in 2020 and have lot of things to do in order to achieve net sales of 50.0 billion yen and operating income of 7.0 billion yen as planned. We will designate the 19th business term as a phase of selection and concentration and again roll up our sleeves to identify our growth areas and develop winning strategies.

The Company is making concerted efforts to realize its ambition of making istyle the world's most recognized example of Beauty x IT.

I greatly appreciate your ongoing support and encouragement.

September 2017

Tetsuro Yoshimatsu, President and Chief Executive Officer