Sustainable Company and Society

As society becomes more complex, we understand the importance of a spirit of co-creation and of respecting individual differences through mutual understanding. We aim to provide a working environment where each person can maximize their individual strengths, so we support a wide range of ways of working.

A company where women assume an active role

Many women already form a part of the istyle workforce. We will continue to foster a workplace culture in which men and women alike can shine.

Pie Chart:73%
Ratio of female employees group-wide
Pie Chart:44%
Ratio of female managers in Japan, group-wide
Pie Chart:25%
Ratio of female executives at istyle
  • As of June 2018

At the Forbes Japan Women Award 2017, hosted by Forbes Japan, the publication for global business leaders, istyle took 2nd place in the overall rankings for the corporate category (between 300 and 1,000 personnel). Director Meyumi Yamada also took the grand prize in the individual category.

Forbes Japan Women Award 2017

Diverse ways of working

ISPartners, which operates under our group of companies, has been actively working since its founding on creating a work environment attractive to all, out of an appreciation for diversifying work styles and careers and differing career needs at various phases of life.

Flexible workstyles

Choosing how to use your time
Full-time employee system starting from 20 hours/week
Offering a 3 days off per week, 40 hour work week system (elective)
Choosing where to work
Combination of work at headquarters, satellite offices, and at-home telework

Creating regional job opportunities

  • Proximity to work, no relocation necessary
  • Opening satellite offices in areas where childraising parent populations can be found
  • First site in Nagareyama
  • Gradually expanding to other areas

Direct-hire agreements for greater peace of mind

  • Special leave and paid leave available
  • Many other working mothers, so the culture encourages maternity and childcare leave
  • Full social insurance system
  • Birthday leave for families with children, etc.

Skill support

  • Allowing inexperienced personnel to take on new challenges
  • Programs to learn about beauty-related legislation, such as the Pharmaceuticals and Devices Act (formerly the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act)
  • Web-based learning leveraging istyle's expertise in this area
  • Special training through professional writers
Telework Pioneers

These efforts gained acclaim, and in 2017, we were selected for inclusion in the Top Hundred Telework Pioneers, a list compiled by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.