Fair and Conscientious Media

@cosme is the result of the valuable feedback we receive from all of our users. Through various measures to properly reflect user feedback into the website and make it usable with peace of mind, we aim to offer highly transparent services.

@cosme Pledge

We widely pledge our policies towards managing a fair community and have obtained the support and agreement of many other corporations in this initiative.

@cosme review rankings initiatives

We pursue various initiatives based on user feedback in order to make our rankings more fair.

Consumer-oriented declaration

Aiming to create services that are of benefit to our users, we are the first media company to take part in consumer-oriented management.

Privacy Policy
(Japanese only)

We have established a set of guidelines on the handling of personal information such that our users can make use of the website with safety and peace of mind.

Advertisement posting guideline (Japanese only)

We have established a set of proprietary standards in order to ensure that we provide our users with integrity services.