Who we are

Market design company

This describes our ideal stance as a going concern. The istyle group of companies uses its proprietary database to design new markets at the macro level, always taking the consumers' perspective and thinking ahead to the future.


creating new “Consumer-centered” industries

This is a vision we have maintained since our founding in 1999. It is the main guiding principle behind all of our business initiatives. Our goal is to create a positive feedback loop with not only consumers, but all stakeholders involved with our business, and continue achieving our vision in a steady and sound fashion.


Becoming the global leader
in Beauty x IT

This is a restatement of our vision for the istyle group of companies.
Using a proprietary database, we are effectively fusing the digital with the real and creating new “Consumer-centered” industries around the world that brings people, experiences, and things together in one place under the umbrella of beauty. We also endeavor to become the company that people call to mind when they think of the global leader in Beauty x IT.


a spirit of co-creation

This is the shared set of values that all members of the istyle group of companies are expected to hold.
We embrace a diverse society and aim to achieve our vision by working together towards the co-creation of new value that consumers seek.