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  • @cosme salon

    @cosme salon

    Booking site serving a wide range of beauty, relaxation, hair, fortune-telling, and counseling salons and services

    Region: Japan

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  • @cosme career

    @cosme career

    Job posting, career change, and temporary placement site for careers in the beauty and cosmetics industry

    Region: Japan

  • @cosme blog

    @cosme blog

    Beauty blog site for beauty gurus and professionals to share information

    Region: Japan

  • @cosme point

    @cosme point

    Site on which users can earn points to spend on @cosme

    Region: Japan

  • @cosme Q&A

    @cosme Q&A

    Q&A site on which @cosme members can share knowledge and tips on cosmetics and beauty

    Region: Japan

  • BLOOMBOX by @cosme

    BLOOMBOX by @cosme

    Members-only service where beauty advisors curate a selection of beauty product samples for monthly delivery

    Region: Japan

  • A-Beauty


    Beauty web magazine catering to people in their 40s and 50s

    Region: Japan

  • @cosme diet

    @cosme diet

    Diet information site that lets users research and find diets tailored to their needs

    Region: Japan

  • @cosme hairsalon

    @cosme hairsalon

    Beauty and hair salon search and booking site

    Region: Japan

  • Cooking School Park

    Cooking School Park

    Comprehensive information site for cooking, baking, and confectionery classes

    Region: Japan

  • mognavi


    Food information site for storebought food products, restaurant menus, mail-order food products, and more

    Region: Japan

  • eatsmart


    A comprehensive food and health site to help develop better eating habits, with a calorie checker and a social media health journal with a feature that helps track meal nutritional information

  • 1 week diet meal plan supported by Hattori

    1dp -- Dr. Hattori's 1 Week Diet Plan

    Directed by Dr. Yukio Hattori, the president and chairperson of Hattori Nutrition College, this platform provides searchable one-week diet plans based on user lifestyles and preferences

  • is a digital magazine in Japan that overviews and analyzes current movements of beauty industry focusing on technology and digital marketing.

  • SalonScreen


    Video screening service offered in luxury hair salons in popular destinations like Aoyama and Omotesando

    Region: Japan

  • UrCosme (@cosme TAIWAN)

    UrCosme (@cosme TAIWAN)

    Taiwan's largest cosmetics information site

    Region: Taiwan

  • MakeupAlley


    America's largest beauty community site

    Region: U.S.


  • @cosme nippon

    @cosme nippon

    Highlighting the kind of unique Japanese cosmetics that people want, this brand draws on feedback posted to @cosme to develop a new form of Japanese beauty.

  • @cosme touch

    @cosme touch

    Lifestyle & intimate care line developed based on countless posts and insights from real women