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President and
Chief Executive Officer

Tetsuro Yoshimatsu

Graduated from the Faculty of Industrial Science and Technology at Tokyo University of Science. Worked at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture PLC) before founding istyle in July of 1999. Assumed role of Representative Director and President of the company. In December of 1999, the cosmetics and beauty site @cosme was launched. In 2012, the company was listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. He currently provides support to those in the arts and athletics through the istyle Art Sports Foundation. He also serves as Vice Chairman of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games Committee of the Association of Corporate Executives of Japan.

Director and Chief Financial Officer

Kei Sugawara

Received his MBA from the University of Bristol. Joined Andersen Consulting (now Accenture PLC) in 1996.Joined Arthur D. Little (Japan) in 2000. He has been involved in planning istyle since its founding, and in 2004, he assumed a full time position on the Board of Directors. He is currently serving as Director and CFO at istyle. He also holds the positions of Director of Global Business and Director/Representative Partner of iSGS Investment Works.


Meyumi Yamada

Graduated from the Faculty of Biological Science & Technology at Tokyo University of Science. After working in product development at a cosmetics manufacturer, she began to independently publish an email newsletter. This newsletter led to the planning of @cosme and the launch of the website. As co-founder of istyle, she serves as Director. She has also held positions on Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry committees related to consumer and Internet affairs.

Director (Outside)

Masamichi Naka

Graduated from the Faculty of Science and Technology at Keio Gijuku University. Received a master's degree from the Graduate School of Science and Technology at Keio Gijuku University.
1989: Joined Salomon Brothers Asia Ltd. working in the Foreign Bond Sales Department.
1999: Assumed the position of Director of the Bond Department when Salomon Smith Barney Holdings Inc. was founded. Promoted to Managing Director the following year. Made responsible for the entire Bond Group and set numerous records as top salesman.
2009: Promoted to Executive Vice President of Citigroup Global Markets Japan Inc.
2010: Established StormHarbour Japan Ltd. and assumed the role of Managing Director.
2011: Appointed as Company Auditor for GLM.Co.,LTD. (Current Position)
2012: Received the award for the Most Innovative Boutique House of the Year from the Financial Times.
2014: Assumed the position of Director or Asuka Asset Management Co., Ltd.
2014: Appointed as Director of eWeLL Co., Ltd. (Current Position)
2014: Appointed as Director of istyle Inc. (Current Position)
2014: Appointed as Chairman of the Board of Directors for StormHarbour Japan Ltd.
2014: Appointed as Director of Geniee, Inc. (Current Position)
2015: Appointed as Director of Prevent SAST Insurance Co., Ltd. (Current Position)
2016: Established Boardwalk Capital Inc. and assumed the role of Managing Director. (Current Position)

Director (Outside)

Yasukane Matsumoto

Yasukane Matsumoto

Born in 1984 in Toyama Prefecture.
Joined A.T. Kearney after graduating from Keio Gijuku University. Noticed inefficiencies in the ¥6 trillion printing industry while working on a cost reduction project, leading him to found "Raksul Inc." in September of 2009 hopes of revolutionizing the industry with the power of the internet. Raksul is a sharing platform that utilizes printer downtime. Started the distribution sharing platform "Hacobell" in December 2015. Listed on the "Mothers" Tokyo Stock Exchange market in 2018.
Took 1st place in the Forbes JAPAN Entrepreneur Ranking.

Corporate Auditor (Outside)

Hitoshi Hara

Graduated from the Faculty of Economics at Osaka City University.
1992: Joined the Asahi Audit Corporation (now KPMG AZSA LLC.)
1997: Registered as a Certified Public Accountant.
2001: Appointed as the executive secretary of Intraset Co., Ltd.
2005: 2005: Joined Toyo Shinyaku Co., Ltd. as the Management Planning Director and the General Manager of the Management Headquarters.
2008: Appointed as Company Auditor for istyle Inc.

Auditor (Outside)

Kenji Miyako

Graduated from the Faculty of Law at Keio Gijuku University. Representative of Altas Group (Altas Tax Accountants' Corporation, Altas Co., Ltd, Altas Partners Limited Liability Company, etc.)
After graduating from university, worked at Arthur Andersen LLP managing international tax and accounting, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) tax affairs, and financial product development (aircraft leasing), etc.
After becoming independent, established Altas Tax Accountants' Corporation, which provides advice on tax accounting matters.
Assumed the role of Managing Director when establishing Altas Co., Ltd, which mainly provides consultancy services for both public offering of stocks preparation and business restructuring matters.
Presently working as an external director/company auditor for istyle, Inc. and many other public-listed and unlisted companies.

Photo:Akiko Ito Photo:Akiko Ito(offshot)

Auditor (Outside)

Akiko Ito

Auditor (Outside)

Akiko Ito

Certified Public Accountant. Graduated from the Department of Business Administration within the Faculty of Economics at Kyoto University. After leaving the corporate planning department of The Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (now NTT), she joined Arthur Andersen LLP. (now KPMG AZSA LLC.) .
Established Nakamori CPA Offices after becoming a registered Certified Public Accountant, and now takes part in a wide range of company auditing and accounting work.
Possesses many years of experience as an external director for numerous publicly listed and startup companies.
Appointed as Company Auditor for istyle Inc. in December 2006. Also currently appointed as an external director for M&A Capital Partners Co., Ltd.; LIFULL Co., Ltd.; Itochu Techno-Solutions Co., Ltd; and TeamSpirit Inc.

Head of Real Experience Segment

Hajime Endo

After working for Funai Consulting Inc. and TASHIRO CO., LTD., Hajime Endo joined cosme next Co. Ltd. in January 2007 at time of establishment as a director, partaking in the istyle Group.
In July 2021, after serving as President and CEO of cosme next Co. Ltd., he became President and CEO of istyle retail Inc., which operates retail and E-commerce businesses.
He currently oversees all of the istyle Group's domestic and international retail and E-commerce operations.

Head of Brand Experience Segment

Kensaku Hamada

Joined istyle in April 2005 after working for a consulting firm. Appointed as Executive Officer in July 2015, Senior Vice President in July 2018, and Head of Brand Experience in July 2020, overseeing business for cosmetics brands.

Vice President

  • Shuntaro Kondo (User Experience)
  • Miku Motohashi (User Experience)
  • Daisuke Asakura (User Experience)
  • Keiko Shinoda (User Experience)
  • Hiroyuki Amano (Brand Experience)
  • Naoto Oda (Brand Experience)
  • Kenro Nasu (Brand Experience)
  • Yoshihisa Kaneko (Real Experience)
  • Daisuke Tanaka (Real Experience)
  • Yuki Yamamoto (Global)
  • Yusuke Hatae (New Generation / Real Experience)
  • Kikuko Yano (New Generation)
  • Hideaki Ooki (Creative)
  • Akiko Katsunami (Database Management)
  • Yasutaka Yamamoto (Database Management)
  • Shinya Matsuda (Technology)
  • Syunichi Fujimaki (Technology / New Generation)
  • Yu Kusano (Corporate Engine)
  • Shoji Yamamoto (Corporate Engine)