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@cosme Evolving as a Brand Partner
Leveraging @cosme data and offering new user experiences with brand partners
Nihon L'Oréal KK, Japanese subsidiary of L'Oréal Group, deepening partnership and co-planning

istyle Inc. (Headquarters: Minato City, Tokyo; President & CEO: Tetsuro Yoshimatsu; Securities Code: 3660) is leveraging the data held by @cosme and partnering with brands to offer new experiences to users. As part of this effort, istyle is pleased to announce a new multi-faceted partnership with Nihon L'Oréal KK (Headquarters: Shinjuku City, Tokyo; President & CEO: Jerome Bruhat), the Japanese subsidiary of the L'Oréal Group (Headquarters: Paris), the world's largest cosmetics company.


Nihon L'Oréal will implement istyle's "Brand Official" marketing platform, allowing the foreign capital-backed cosmetics company to instantly make use of @cosme data. Currently, a total of 11 popular brands have implemented this platform, including Yves Saint Laurent, LANCÔME, shu uemura, L'ORÉAL PARIS, and MAYBELLINE NEW YORK.
Going forward, istyle and its partners will work to offer users new experiences through the initiatives outlined below. In short, the broad @cosme online/offline platform accumulates user behavior data, while analysis of this data using the Brand Official platform allows istyle and participating brands to plan and evaluate initiatives to cultivate future customers and build fan-bases.

1.Leverage consumer insights on @cosme and co-develop beauty projects

Deep analysis into consumer insights gathered from @cosme's vast product information and user review database reveals budding trends, and the recently launched "Beauty Lab with @cosme" project uses those insights to co-develop beauty products of value to consumers both in Japan and around the world.

2.Improve seamless user experience on @cosme/@cosme shopping/@cosme store

Every month, the comprehensive cosmetics and beauty website "@cosme" sees about 13.5 million unique users, among which are over half of all Japanese women aged 20 to 30 years. The @cosme platform also encompasses "@cosme shopping" and "@cosme store." With 140% year-on-year sales revenue growth, @cosme shopping is a cosmetics e-commerce website that handles the most brands of any online shopping website selling genuine products within Japan, while the @cosme store chain of cosmetics specialty stores enjoys the largest sales of all Japanese stores in that retail category. With this level of integration, the @cosme platform can be said to mediate all aspects of the consumer cosmetics purchase process.

By leveraging this potential, istyle and partner brands can strengthen the consistency of the user experience, from browsing reviews and content on @cosme to making purchases on @cosme shopping or in @cosme store locations.
Various Nihon L'Oréal brands are being actively developed for sale on @cosme shopping and in @cosme store locations. Nihon L'Oréal is also participating in the planning of projects that include limited edition products to be sold during the follow-up to last year's first "@cosme Beauty Day," which will again celebrate online cosmetics retail on December 3, 2019.


3.Leverage @cosme assets for richer content

Enriching the user experience takes many forms, including not only leveraging @cosme's editorial insight to produce and share content, but also developing user-targeted events and "@cosme TOKYO," the flagship @cosme store scheduled to open near Tokyo's Harajuku Station before the end of 2019.

As a "Market Design Company," the istyle Group will continue to use its proprietary database to design new markets at the macro level, always thinking from the consumer's perspective and looking ahead to provide valuable services for both brands and users.

[Corporate Overview: istyle Inc.] First Section, Tokyo Stock Exchange; Securities code: 3660
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