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@cosme Service Logo Receives First Update for 20th Anniversary
-Towards a Reliable Platform Connecting Users and Brands to Enjoy Beauty Together-

istyle Inc.

istyle, Inc. (Headquarters: Minato City, Tokyo; Representative Director and CEO: Tetsuro Yoshimatsu; Securities Code: 3660) will update the logo of @cosme services on its 20th anniversary, December 3rd of this year.
In addition, istyle has launched a special site ( that provides a detailed explanation of the concept for the new logo and future developments for the service.


The @cosme service began on December 3rd, 1999 as an "online review site for everybody" that connects consumers and brands through fair reviews and rankings of cosmetics.
Since then, it has evolved into a platform that connects consumers and brands in various contexts both online and offline, further expanding with the 2002 launch of @cosme shopping, an online cosmetics store, and the 2007 launch of @cosme store, a chain of cosmetics specialty retail locations.

In light of these developments, istyle is redefining @cosme as "a reliable platform that connects users and brands to enjoy beauty together," ahead of its 20th anniversary this year. The concept for its new service logo is "Dots & Space."
"@cosme connects various people, things, and ideas related to beauty. It produces a Space that connects Dots."


In conjunction with the logo update, all @cosme brand logos, including those for @cosme store and @cosme shopping will also change to reflect this concept, bringing every service together under a unified @cosme brand.

@cosme will continue to connect users to brands and to other users while aiming to further develop as a reliable platform that allows everybody to enjoy beauty together. As a company, istyle continues to strive towards the realization of a consumer-centric market, a goal that has been the cornerstone of the company's vision since its foundation.

[Corporate Overview: istyle Inc.] | First Section, Tokyo Stock Exchange; Ticker Symbol: 3660
Location: Ark Mori Building 34th FL, 1-12-32 Akasaka, Minato City, Tokyo
Foundation: July 27, 1999
Capital: 3,647 billion yen
Representative Officer: Tetsuro Yoshimatsu, President and CEO
Business Scope: Plan/operation of the comprehensive beauty care portal, @cosme, and related ad services

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