Issues to Address

The Group began operating @cosme, a portal site for cosmetics and beauty, with a vision to “create a consumer-oriented market,” with the optimal systems and sense of values, i.e., “style,” on an ongoing basis. At present, @cosme is at the core of the Group's businesses and has grown into a site regularly used by a large number of women.
However, amid rapid changes in the surrounding environment, the Group believes that responding to the new needs of users and the issues of clients will be necessary for continued future development.
The Group's policy is to develop its businesses, while recognizing the following matters as the main issues in future business development.

1) Expanding the scope of business

The Group believes that expanding the scope of its business beyond cosmetics and creating a wide range of opportunities for women to encounter the “beauty” they seek are essential for future business development. The Group will strive to expand the scope of its business, including alliances with external business operators.

2) Expanding services

The Group recognizes that it will be necessary to provide services to a wide range of users, i.e., companies and individual business owners active in the area of beauty and consumer enthusiasts, without being limited by the existing framework. The Group shall promote the development of services provided to a community where a variety of companies and people can gather and pursue their interests.

3) Developing overseas

There is a great economic growth in China and other countries in Asia, and beauty-related markets are expected to expand accordingly in the future. To accelerate the growth of the Group, business development overseas will be essential, and the Group shall offer services tailored to conditions in each country based on the assets it has built up in Japan.

4) Strengthening management foundations

The Group recognizes that it is important to clarify authority and responsibilities in management in order to respond quickly to changes in the surrounding environment. The Group will strive to make management more efficient and quick by creating an optimal organizational structure.
In addition, the Group believes that the creation and enhancement of internal controls across the Group are essential as it enters a phase of future global business expansion. By also proactively focusing on corporate governance, the Group will create sturdy management foundations.