istyle in 5 Key Concepts

Keyword04The evolution of @cosme

istyle has devoted twenty years to aggregating big data on cosmetics sold in Japan, from user profiles and purchase data, to review data, sales data from online @cosme shopping and physical @cosme stores. Today, @cosme has evolved into a unique marketing platform for universal use throughout the cosmetics industry.

Typical marketing

figure:①Social media and EC are divided ②Social media and CRM are divided ③Acqusition & operation cost of social media become enormous

The istyle business model

figure:①Connecting between users and brands based on products ②Connecting through customers and @cosme ③Connecting customers in stores in addtion to EC ④Improving value of whole platforms by growing sales result of EC and stores

In the future, we will expand beyond brands to become a platform that connects not only stores and beauty specialists, but all things, ideas, people, and places related to beauty.

figure:beauty platform image diagram

Click here to see a concept video outlining the global goals for our beauty platform