• Three material issues
  • Employee empowerment
  • Human Resources Development

Human resources development

We offer a range of support programs to allow every employee to fully demonstrate their individual capabilities.

Support for employees long-term career plans

We support employees in their efforts to design and realize career plans that will help them achieve their future goals.

Support for employees' long-term career plans

One-on-one career plan support meetings

Employees meet with their superiors once a month to discuss daily actions and skill/career development. The meetings are not routine business meetings, but focus on individual development and career plans to encourage employees to discover opportunities for growth.


We run e-learning training courses for all employees as needed. These courses are an efficient way to improve overall employee understanding as well as serving as a risk management tool through the visual representation of individual participation records.

Management training

istyle is focused on nurturing employees through programs such as the use of an open application system for management candidates and training programs for younger employees. With the aim of achieving corporate sustainability, we are fostering the next generation of management and business leaders to prevent excessive concentration of leadership in, and dependence on, the CEO and a limited number of other individuals.