• Three material issues
  • Trusted platforms
  • Initiatives for a Sound and Neutral Platform

Initiatives for a Sound and Neutral Platform

istyle has implemented a variety of initiatives to ensure that @cosme remains a sound and neutral platform that consumers and manufacturers can trust.

@cosme pledge

The @cosme pledge clearly states the @cosme management policy of being a fair community that is safe for all users. As this cannot be achieved by @cosme alone, we ask that cosmetics manufacturers in the beauty industry endorse the policy.

The 30 Fundamental Principles to Sustain @cosme for 100 More Years

The 30 fundamental principles stipulate how istyle employees should engage with consumers and manufacturers to ensure that @cosme can remain in business for a further 100 years. We have ensured that these principles are widely understood within the company because it is important for each and every employee to continuously consider how best to engage with consumers and manufacturers, and we believe this is key to the development of @cosme.

Initiatives Relating to @cosme Rankings

@cosme regards user reviews as information to be posted by users of their own free will and respects as much as possible their intentions in posting reviews. We take various steps to ensure that the rankings are fair including working to eliminate illicit activities aimed at manipulating rankings and establishment of a framework that cannot be influenced by ads placed by clients.

Consumer-Oriented Management

With the aim of creating services that meet consumers' needs, istyle became the first media company to make a "Voluntary Declaration of Consumer Orientation/Follow-up Activities"* as promoted by the Consumer Affairs Agency. Follow this link* for information on our recent initiatives.

* Japanese only

A Media Site that Communicates Manufacturers' Intentions

istyle provides advertising services to manufacturers and other companies on @cosme. It is important to us that we convey information to consumers without compromising each manufacturer's worldview and image in order to connect consumers to cosmetics products in an appropriate manner. We have implemented a range of measures including preventing advertising fraud by verifying and selecting the places in which advertisements can be displayed in compliance with our Advertisement Guideline to ensure that advertisers can feel secure in using our services.

Encouraging More Consumers to Use @cosme

The scope of istyle's business has spread from cosmetics to beauty in general and our activities have expanded overseas. We are thus aware that responding appropriately to increasing consumer diversity will be an issue we need to address, and we are committed to providing services that can be used by a larger number of consumers regardless of gender, age, and nationality.